Stunning New Master Bathroom in Glen Burnie

This project offered a few challenges. The original structure was built sometime in the 1800’s and subsequently added to. This house has all of the charm found in early 19th Century homes, with warm natural woodwork, low ceilings and gently sloping floors. There is something about a stair tread worn down from two hundred years of foot traffic. One imagines being in a novel set in a 19th Century tavern. An ale please!

Glen Burnie Master Bathroom

As with most projects, our client spent a lot of time thinking about and planning his project, which involved constructing a new master bathroom addition above a first floor extension. The new master bathroom would connect to the master bed via an old closet. One of the main challenges was aligning the new tile floor with the gently sloping floor of the closet and master bedroom. The solution was to introduce a mosaic tile at the entrance to the bathroom that could more easily conform to any slight slopes and could be floated back into the new room.

Some of the major products include a Products Neptune tub, shower and shower glass enclosure, a heated floor from WarmlyYours and Kohler fixtures.