Home Restoration & Remodeling

Our team of professionals can handle most restoration projects. If you have a home that was turned into apartments, we can restore it to its original form. We have faced many types of restoration projects working on both historic and non-historic properties. We work with traditional materials and we are certified in Historic Preservation. 

Let us help you get the Maryland Historic Tax Credit. The process is easier than you think and we work with an expert consultant who will handle the entire process.  

  •  Rotted / Structural / Beams & Columns
  •  Porch Restoration
  •  Slate Roof Restoration
  •  Brick & Chimney Restoration
  •  Masonry Repairs
  •  Entrance Doors
  •  Windows
  •  Exterior Siding Restoration
  •  Interior Doors / Moldings / Staircases/ Rooms
  •  Termite Repair
  •  Composite Trim.
  •  Gutters and Down spouts