Slate Roof Inspections Via Drone

Low Impact Drone Inspections

We are now inspecting slate roofs using the latest drone technology. Slate roofs pose a challenge for the inspection process. Foot traffic should be kept to a minimum, and then when necessary, only those used to working on slate roofs should walk on slate roofs. The drone is a great tool for examining slate roofs without the worry of causing additional damage to the roof. 

Slate Roof inspections via drone chapman slate
Chapman slate roof captured by drone.

Drone inspection of beautiful Peachbottom roof. This amazing slate roof is 110 years old and is original to the house.

We are able to inspect roofs using a drone in most of Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, and Baltimore City. There are some geographical restrictions where we cannot fly, including just about all of the territory inside the Washington Beltway.