How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost?

More than any other room in the house, the kitchen has the most products and features. Some of the major costs include:

  • Cabinetry
  • Appliances
  • Counter-Top Material, Fabrication & Installation
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting and Electrical Fixtures
  • Licensed Plumber’s Labor & Fittings
  • Licensed Electrician’s Labor & Fittings
  • Carpentry Labor
  • Demolition
  • Floor Coverings
  • Tile Back splash
  • Structural / Wall Removal
  • Design Fees

One of the first steps in your kitchen remodeling project is identifying a budget and tailoring a project to that budget. Coming up with a “needs vs wants” list is a good first step in this process. Prioritizing the needs and wants will help in the decision making process. For instance, more counter space or more horizontal work space is often at the top of the needs list. Likewise, a larger pantry and better storage is often at the top of the needs list. Where budget, or staying within a budget is important, wants like a tile or glass back splash are often further down on the “wants” side of the ledger. Very often, non functioning parts of the existing kitchen and the correction of the problem will force that item to be very high on the needs list. Don’t be embarrassed by a non functioning stove or broken refrigerator as these are often the impetus for a new kitchen.

While the size of the kitchen space is important, it is not the most important factor in the cost of a new kitchen. Often, the choice of appliances and cabinetry line can have a major impact on the cost of a new kitchen. For instance, a high end kitchen could easily have $30,000 worth of appliances, while a mid-range kitchen could have $5,000 worth of appliances. Likewise, cabinetry can run the gamut as well. Of course, if we consider size, the more cabinetry and horizontal work surfaces, the greater cost per square foot.

We haven’t even mentioned accessories and hardware. (The bling of the kitchen!). Fancy pantry pull-outs, storage solutions and hardware can all add thousands of dollars to the budget. There are tons of kitchen accessories that are intended to make the most used space in the house more functional, but these are often far down the want list.

A modest kitchen update could cost between $15,000 and $20,000. This update might include new counter-tops, a new under mount sink, a new faucet and perhaps a new floor and back splash. Other items may include new cabinet hardware and a new light fixture.

A modest kitchen remodel could cost between $25,000 and $30,000 and will usually include new appliances and new stock or semi custom cabinetry.

An average kitchen remodel is in the $40,000 range, and would include all new stock or semi-custom cabinets, new quartz or granite counter-tops, back splash tile, and floor covering.

A modest kitchen remodel with custom modifications to the room, like moving walls and removing doorways can range from $40,000-$70,000.

A higher end remodeling project with custom cabinetry, premium counter-tops and professional appliances can range from $75,000 to well over $100,000. The modest to fancy kitchens shown on our website and also Houzz took a tremendous amount of planning and labor to execute. If you anticipate the project to take six to seven weeks to physically complete, expect to take at least that much time to plan.

As stated before, when you discuss your project with your kitchen designer, share your budget in round figures. At Thomson Remodeling Company, our design process is a collaborative process and we can’t begin the process without a starting point – which is the customer’s budget. We are not here to “sell” you something you don’t need. We want your kitchen to the very best design and value for your situation.  

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