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Bryn Mawr Road Porch Undergoes Restoration
The owners of this Bryn Mawr Road home in northern Baltimore city wanted to restore the walk out porch on the side of their home. The walk out porch had become unusable as a result of the failing roof surface and unsafe railing.  The homeowner wanted to use the porch as it overlooks their garden. They called Thomson Remodeling Company to look at the project.  Our inspection revealed that the roofing material had failed, mostly around the post penetrations for the wooden railing. The built-in gutter had been leaking and rotted the soffit, fascia and crown molding. Structurally, one of the hip rafters was sagging and many of the rafter ends were rotted away.  Confounding the problem was the fact that the drainage on the flat roof was very poor
An extensive renovation of the porch was called for in order to restore it to not only a useable space,  but an pleasant and enjoyable out door room.   To achieve this end, the selection of the floor/roofing material was important.  Among the choices for the floor/roof was mineral roll roofing, EPDM rubber and Duradek vinyl membrane.  The first two choices would water proof the structure, but would not allow the family to use the porch as a living space. Furniture cannot be placed on EPDM and roll roofing is messy.  While initially being more expensive, 60 mm Duradek vinyl membrane was chosen as the roof/floor.  No only could the family walk on the surface, and not worry about tracking roofing particles back into the house, they could put furniture, including chairs and tables directly on the Duradek and not worry about puncturing the product. 

Before we could get to the point of installing the Duradek, however, the porch needed major work.  We eliminated the built-in gutter and installed an exterior gutter. We sistered the rafter ends. After we removed all of the sheathing, we discovered a repair that was done to the porch in the eighties that didn’t stop the problems.  We added polyisocyanurate foam insulation to add a slight pitch or slope to the roof so the water would drain off. We corrected the rotted hip rafter and replaced the soffit and fascia. 
The railing was another big concern as the old railing was a source of water infiltration into the structure. Each of the old posts was leaking into the roof.  We proposed using Durarail aluminum railing for the new railing system.  The custom green aluminum railing was chosen for its maintenance free surface and ideal system for attaching the posts to the surface of the Duradek. No  ugly post flashing is required as the posts bolt directly to the floor.  
The project resulted in a pleasant and useable out door room the family could use to relax on and enjoy the out-of-doors and the garden.  

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