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We had done several remodeling and roofing projects for this Catonsville family in the past. Adorning the front of the home however, is a large round porch that was in desparate need of restoration. The project had been on the mind of the homeowner for some time, and over the summer and fall of 2007, the homeowner decided to have Thomson Remodeling come in and perform the restoration. The homeowner was seeking historic tax credits, so it was important to reproduce what was there, and not make any major changes.
The project was not simple. The house was nearly one hundred years old, and the porch was built with traditional materials and techniques. In order to give the home owner a thorough estimate, the job was split into two phases; documentation and restoration. We knew what we were dealing with on the surface, but underneath, we weren't sure how the structure was framed and what elements, if any could be saved. So the porch was dismantled and documented.

 The porch had undergone some minor cosmetic changes in the past, that had ultimately resulted in the failure of the structure as a whole. The original tin roof was covered over with a quarry tile. So, essentially, the roof was a floor. Or, was the floor a roof? Anyway, the tile eventually began to leak and over time, water's destructive power worked its wonder on the framing and underlayment.

So all of the surface finishes were removed from the round side of the porch, except for the round, hollow beam. When the framing was revelled, two things were immediately appearant, there was a lot of rot and whoever built this took a lot of time to constuct it. Oh yeah, did I mention that not only was the roof round, it change pitch from a slightly pitch flat roof, to a shallow pitched mansard roof around the perimeter.

Ten decorative brackets around the perimeter of the freize board were carefully removed, stripped and restored. Most of the roof was reframed. Cypress fascia, soffit and a new ceiling were installed.  An imitation slate was chosen for the mansard and Duradek for the walkable surface.  Finally, a wrought iron railing crowned the structure.   Check out our other porch restorations or call us now!  







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